Multi-Component Analyzers

Diamond 20™

FTIR/NIR system designed for operation in rugged at-line environments as well as the laboratory bench.


Real-time dynamic monitoring of reaction chemistries with easy placement inside a fume hood.

Diamond MX™

Utilizing fiber optics, this multi-channel FTNIR on-line analyzer with rackmount design can be operated in general purpose areas.


Multi-channel on-line dispersive NIR analyzer designed for operation in hazardous areas


Transportable system for pilot-scale reaction monitoring in hazardous areas.

PCM 1000™

Utilizing fiber optics, this multi-channel FTNIR on-line system can be operated in hazardous environments.

PIONIR® MVP+ Rackmount

The PIONIR MVP+ Rackmount is an on-line analyzer designed for the control room.

PIONIR® MVP+ Benchtop

The PIONIR MVP+ Benchtop is designed for the lab to support the on-line systems


Provides multi-point continuous air monitoring for toxics and pollutants in hazardous areas.