11 July, 2023

Analyzer Technology Conference

Our team attended the Analyser Technology Conference (ATC) held at the Galveston Island Convention Center in Texas on 17th-21st April 2023. We were delighted to engage with our supplier companies and learn about their upcoming technology at the trade show, as well as gain useful insight through their technical presentations. The team participated in hands-on training with gas chromatograph systems, sample handling systems and various other process analysers.

The conference venue at Galveston Island, Texas.

Visiting our parent company, Norsk Analyse, at their booth (pictured from left: Jeff Henry, Norsk Analyse, Indar Boodoo and Simran Boodoo, ASTL)

Managing Director, Indar Boodoo and Process Engineer, Simran Boodoo speaking to AMETEK about their newest products