Real-time dynamic monitoring of reaction chemistries with easy placement inside a fume hood.

Hydrocarbon SmartSystem™ / HSS

On-line, real-time FTIR monitoring of refinery and petrochemical process streams in hazardous areas.

PCM 1000™

Utilizing fiber optics, this multi-channel FTNIR on-line system can be operated in hazardous environments.

SpectraSuite Software

Process analytical and process development software for spectroscopy

SpectraQ Software

Software for spectral collection and validation with ANALECT and RPM product lines


Transportable system for pilot-scale reaction monitoring in hazardous areas.

Diamond MX™

Utilizing fiber optics, this multi-channel FTNIR on-line analyzer with rackmount design can be operated in general purpose areas.


Provides multi-point continuous air monitoring for toxics and pollutants in hazardous areas.

Diamond 20™

FTIR/NIR system designed for operation in rugged at-line environments as well as the laboratory bench.

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