3 September, 2020

Coltraco Ultrasonic Testing Equipment now delivered by ASTL

Coltraco design ultrasonic safety technology

Coltraco mission is to help you deliver the Safesite® and the Safeship®: to improve safety for your people, assets and infrastructure on land and at sea.

Since 1987 Contraco manufacture ultrasonic instrumentation and constant monitoring systems in the UK. Coltraco operate in 120 countries with partners and distributors  and aim to deliver “better-faster-cheaper” solutions for you.



Levelgaseous fire system level indicators and industrial tank level indicator
Sealroom integrity and watertight integrity
Flowflow meter to identify obstructions in pipework
Thicknessthickness gauges to test metal corrosion
Acoustic: test machinery for bearing wear and tear

Support: After Sales Customer Support for Servicing, Repair & Upgrades