Analyser Services Trinidad Ltd. (ASTL) was formed in 1998 as part of the Norsk Analyse AS group of companies. At inception, ASTL had three employees, one of which was the Managing Director, Mr. Indar Boodoo. At this time, a major project was obtained for the maintenance of process analysers at a prominent local chemical processing plant in the Point Lisas Industrial Estate.

The early 2000’s coincided with the development of the Point Lisas Industrial Estate with the construction of Ammonia, Methanol, Steel and other related petrochemical processing plants. ASTL was able to capitalise on this budding niche market in the service of process analysers. The company then grew from service to sale of analysers as the relationship with clients thrived. This new venture increased the need for local representation of international brands and we became one of the leading distributors of reputable products.

Throughout the years, Analyser Services Trinidad Ltd. has expanded beyond process analysers into Gas Detection Systems, Sand Detection, Corrosion/Erosion Monitors, Calibration Gases, Environmental Monitoring, Instrumentation and Spare Parts. ASTL provides the industry with turn-key solutions, i.e. product acquisition, installation and commissioning, training, preventative maintenance and any other technical support that is required. Our qualified staff of eighteen employees is eager to assist you in finding solutions.

Analyser Services Trinidad Ltd, is proud to have acquired STOW Certification and we are in the process of obtaining ISO Certification.