PIONIR® MVP+ Benchtop

The PIONIR MVP+ Benchtop is designed for the lab to support the on-line systems

General Details

The PIONIR Series of analyzers are designed for operation in on-line and process development environments utilizing patented and licensed BP technology. These on-line analyzers provide real-time, multi-point analysis of refinery and petrochemical processes. Features on the analyzer include:

  • Diode array detector and fixed holographic grating, with no moving parts, results in maximum stability.
  • Industrially hardened fiber optic cables.
  • Dual-beam probe design with continual background correction eliminates fiber variation.
  • Large database of calibration models for faster commissioning.
  • Full chemometric modeling capability including PLS and PCR.
  • Communications options including Modbus,® OPC,® Ethernet and analog protocols.


The PIONIR MVP+ Benchtop is designed for the lab to support the on-line systems, or perform measurements for process development applications and routine samples.








RON, MON Cetane Number FCC Xylene
Distillation Points Cetane Index Reformate Para-Xylene
E200, E300 Density Alkylate Purified Teraphthalic Acid
RVP Gravity Isomerate Toluene
Aromatics, Benzene Polycyclic Aromatics MTBE Solvent Composition
Olefins E360 Straight Run Naptha Alkylation Unit
Oxygenates Aromatics Pentanes
Gravity Kinematic Viscosity Raffinate
V/L Ratio* Distillation Points Pyrolysis Gasoline
Drivability Index Flash point Heavy Aromatic

AVI™ Absolute Virtual Instrument

  • Proprietary, patented instrument standardization protocol licensed from PerkinElmer
  • Assures that any one PIONIR analyzer is optically identical to any other one
  • Provides seamless calibration transferability between PIONIR systems
  • Minimizes downtime during maintenance as PIONIR does not need calibration updates when components are changed