AMCHAM HSSE Conference 2019

ASTL Exhibition Booth ready for AMCHAM HSSE Conference 2019. ADVANCING THE TRANSITION 23 & 24 October 2019 The Exhibition will be held in Hyatt Regency Hotel, Trinidad. Starting on 23.October 2019 and last for 2 days ending on 24.October late afternoon Now in its 23rd year, AMCHAM T&T has long championed the promotion of HSSE [...]

Energy Conference Trinidad and Tobago 2019

Managing Director of Analyser Services Trinidad Ltd., Indar Boodoo speaks to the Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley. The Energy Chamber of Trinidad & Tobago hosted its Annual Energy Conference from 4th-6th February 2019. It is the premier annual meeting of local, regional and international energy experts and it is highly regarded as the most [...]

Blackline Safety PTT

PUSH-TO-TALK Arriving in December 2018, Blackline is introducing a new G7c push-to-talk (PTT) service option that makes G7c function just like a two-way radio. Employees immediately connect with teammates on the same channel, or switch to another channel to speak with other teams. Unlike traditional radios, there’s no radio licensing and no range limit. Built-in [...]