8 January, 2019

Blackline Safety PTT


Arriving in December 2018, Blackline is introducing a new G7c push-to-talk (PTT) service option that makes G7c function just like a two-way radio. Employees immediately connect with teammates on the same channel, or switch to another channel to speak with other teams. Unlike traditional radios, there’s no radio licensing and no range

limit. Built-in 2G/3G communications means that G7c works right out of the box. Plus, G7c turns three devices into

one — it’s a world-leading gas detector, lone worker safety monitor and two-way radio.

  • No need for expensive, intrinsically safe radios
  • Affordable — more employees can use radio functionality
  • Connect instantly with coworkers in over 100 countries
  • Up to 100 channels for manageable communications
  • All-call channel for emergency broadcasts to everyone in the network
  • Connect with 250 people on a single channel
  • Integrates seamlessly with gas detection and real-time safety options
  • Configure channel usage to accommodate teams, sites, regions and locations


Communicate instantly with team members from anywhere in the world with the push of the red latch. G7c’s PTT capability leverages integrated 2G/3G connectivity with network coverage in over 100 countries. Employees in one location can seamlessly speak to other teams on site, across the country and even internationally.

G7c users can quickly change channels from the built-in menu system, selecting from 99 channel options. Devices on the same channel are able to communicate with one another, like a traditional two-way radio. The all-call channel allows a message to be sent to all G7c devices, across all channels in an organisation. All-call broadcasts are recommended for safety supervisors, managers and the live safety monitoring team.

No additional networks, infrastructure or transmission distances to manage


G7c is the world’s first gas detector and lone worker monitor to feature push-to-talk communications. From start-up, teams will be able to stay in touch with each other in real- time, to coordinate their work while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Many businesses haven’t equipped each employee with two-way radios but they wear a gas detector or lone worker monitor. By combining robust gas detection, lone worker monitoring and instant two-way communications in one device, Blackline solves the challenge of purchasing, maintaining and wearing multiple devices.

An employee’s role can require them to stop work to access a phone or radio in order to confirm their safety or communicate activities, causing a loss of productivity. PTT is ideal for quick, day-to-day communications — send a message with the push of a button and receive a message without touching the device at all. Work doesn’t need to stop in order to talk to their team, helping them adhere to project schedules and meet deadlines.



  1. Press and hold the red latch
  2. When G7c finishes beeping,
    continue to hold and begin talking
  3. When you’re finished talking, release the latch
  4. G7c will beep once more to let you know it’s sending the messag
  5. Everyone on the channel will receive the message



  1. G7c beeps twice to signal an
    incoming PTT message

  2. G7c plays the message

  3. G7c beeps once more when the message is done



Buy — Blackline offers a traditional purchase option with a one-time purchase of hardware and recurring annual service plan options.





* Items shown includes our most popular G7c multi-gas pump configuration with hydrogen sulphide (H2S), combustible gases (LEL), oxygen (O2) and carbon monoxide (CO). Blackline offers a complete line of gas sensors and configurations