VIMEX GDS – Gas Detection Systems

Compliance with MARPOL Annex VI

The purpose of the Vimex Gas Detection System (GDS) is to detect flammable and toxic gases in pump rooms, ballast tanks, void spaces, air ducts or other areas where explosive or toxic gases may be present. Vimex can offer Gas Detection Systems for most purposes, customized to our customer’s specifications.

The system can be delivered as an aspiration system with one sensor placed in a central cabinet, with fixed sensors placed on the different locations or as a combination of the two
mentioned systems.

The standard system is equipped with catalytic combustible sensors, but infrared sensors may also be supplied. Bilge, fire and temperature alarms may be provided on request. 

System features:

  • Type approved by DNV-GL
  • Detecting all types of toxic gases and oxygen
  • Equipped with catalytic combustible sensors or infrared sensors
  • Custom made to customer specifications
  • Optional bilge, fire and temperature alarms

The Vimex GDS has been installed on more than 200 vessels

VIMEX Gas Detection Systems