TCS 650 Dry Block Multifunction Temperature Calibrator

General Details

The TCS 650 portable medium temperature (35°C Ta to 650°C) source offers fast temperature calibration and high stability. The standard configuration includes the 6-hole 140mm deep metal block insert.

  • Temperature Range:
    -95°F to 1200°F
    (35°C to 650°C)
  • Absolutely Stability (over 30 minutes): ±0.02°C
  • Radial Uniformity: ±0.08°C @ 650°C
  • Measurement Units: °C or °F / ITS90
  • Heating Speed: 50°C to 600°C in 30 minutes
  • Cooling Speed: 600°C to 150°C in 30 minutes
  • Stabilization Time: 10 minutes
  • Block Diameter: 35mm
  • Block Depth: 148mm
  • Wells Depth: 140mm
  • Standard Insert:
    2 x ϕ 0.18in (4.5mm)
    2 x ϕ 0.25in (6.4mm)
    1 x ϕ 0.37in (9.5mm)
    1 x ϕ 0.31in (8mm)
  • Computer Interface: RS485
  • Dimensions:
    13.4in x 11.8in x 6.7in
    (340mm x 300mm x 170mm)
  • Weight: 20.7lbs (9.6Kg)