General Details

Slick Guard is a fully integrated environmental monitoring platform. The twin-hulled catamaran style buoy, built by InterOcean Systems, is a rugged and stable design providing an ideal solution for coastal and offshore spill detection wherever a floating monitoring station is required (for example desalination plants).

Slick Guard is an integrated, turnkey, environmental monitoring system. It is designed to be moored off shore, or wherever a floating monitoring station is needed for detection of oil spills. Slick Guard includes:


Slick Sleuth Oil Detection & Alarm
Slick Sleuth employs advanced optical UV technology for the detection of oil in real-time. Slick Sleuth is a highly sensitive, non-contact, and non-fouling detector designed for extreme conditions.


Remote Wireless Telemetry Unit (RTU)
The Remote Wireless Telemetry Unit provides the communications link between the Slick Sleuth and the base station monitor/control center. The communications link can be RF, WIFI, cellular or satellite depending on specific requirements and local regulations.


Solar DC Power Unit (PSU)
The Solar DC Power Unit supplies power to the Slick Sleuth and the Remote Wireless Telemetry for continuous uninterrupted operations.


Application Specific Instrumentation (Optional)
User-specified, application specific instrumentation can be added to the system and factored into the design of the Wireless Telemetry & Solar DC Power Unit. Additional instrumentation could include:

  • Current Speed & Direction
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Meteorological Instrumentation
  • Other


Ruggedized Flotation Platform
Ruggedized catamaran design provides an extremely stable instrumentation platform for rough water conditions. Moored twin hull buoys constructed from welded steel and coated with marine grade paint.