Self-Cleaning Sample Gas Filter BF – 2 – S

General Details

Using the cross flow (inertial) principle, this filter is an alternative to traditional filters. Filter of this type provide the lowest maintenance cost and longest life of any filter technology.

A grooved core is pressed into a filter element made of sintered stainless steel. The main sample gas stream enters the groove from the top and spins down to the bottom leaving the core via a channel in the center.

Due to the porous filter element, a slip stream is constantly diffused to the clean side of the filter. Because of the high gas velocity and cyclonic action, the majority of the particulates are carried to the main outlet and hence cannot plug-up the sintered filter element. The clean slip stream is directed to the analyzer or other component.

Product features
  • With long life time filter element due to Cross-Flow- Principle
  • Low maintenance
  • Material of filterhousing: SS