Sample Gas Cooler PKE 52

General Details

The PKE 52 is the most powerful Peltier cooler in our § Compact design: completely preseries. Our quality heat exchangers are available in various materials like stainless steel, Duran glass or assembled and ready for connecting PVDF are available as well as one or two gas paths.

The controller keeps the adjustable output dew point constant. The cooling block temperature is shown on the accessibility display. A fail-safe circuit with relay output monitors extreme temperature levels. The output signal may be used to switch the sample gas pump on or off in order to ensure that the gas flow is turned on only when reaching  the allowable cooling range.

Depending on the application, PKE 52 can be equipped with stainless steel, glass or PVDF heat exchangers and with 1 or 2 gas paths. The condensate can be drained with the built-in peristaltic pumps. A micro filter can be mounted to the cooler. As an option and a moisture detector can be integrated into the micro filter. Measurement and display of signals are by the internal micro controller and the LED display. Multiple combinations and pre-mounted parts allow easy and cost efficient integration of several sample gas conditioning components into one device.

Product features
  • Compact design: completely pre-assembled and ready for connecting
  • Low maintenance cost due to easy accessibility
  • One or two gas paths
  • Heat exchanger made of stainless steel, Duran glass or PVDF
  • Adjustable outlet dew point and alarm limits
  • Self-monitoring
  • Status outputs
  • Ambient temperatures up to 122 °F
  • Nominal cooling capacity 189 Btu/hr
  • Dew point stability 0.1 K