Q45H/65 Chlorine Dioxide Transmitter

Loop-Powered or Battery-Powered Transmitters

General Details

ATI’s Chlorine Dioxide Transmitter is designed for on-line water quality monitoring and control of industrial disinfection systems. Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful disinfecting agent used for treating potable water, cooling water, and food processing wash water. To ensure proper disinfection while minimizing disinfection by-products, the concentration of disinfectant must be precisely maintained. 

The Chlorine Dioxide system features a unique membrane-covered polarographic sensor that does not require the addition of chemical reagents. All that’s needed is a constant flow of water across the face of the sensor, and this is provided by a simple constant-head flowcell. The sample water is unaffected by the measurement and can be safely discharged back into the process.

The Q45H system has no moving parts, so there are no pumps or motors that burn out or tubing that breaks that create maintenance nightmares. All normal maintenance items are included with each system. This model system responds to chlorine dioxide with minimal interference from any residual chlorine that may be present.