Orion™ Chlorine XP Water Quality Analyzer

General Details

Perform routine water quality parameter measurements in your wastewater and drinking water applications with high accuracy and stability using the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Chlorine XP Water Quality Analyzer. With minimal maintenance, low cost of ownership, and multiple parameter measurement in one unit, our chlorine analyzer provides one of the most comprehensive water quality monitoring solutions on the market.

Description Free Chlorine only with 2X 4/20mA outputs
Accuracy ±3% Resolution 0.01ppm
Repeatability +/-0.5%
Response Time 2-10 minutes
Voltage 100-115 VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.0A or 200-230 VAC 50/60Hz, 0.5A
Height(English) 13in
Height (Metric) 33cm
Length (Metric) 67cm
Width (Metric) 14cm
Weight (Metric) 11Kg
Calibration Auto calibration
Enclosure Rating IP-65
rated enclosures (NEMA 4 equivalent)
Flow Rate Up to 14.5 psi
Sample Temperature 0° to 100°C
Mounting Options Wall mount
Outputs 2 Standard 4-20mA, 4 Optional 4-20mA
Regulatory Details CE and CSA certified
Relay Details 6 relays
Temperature (English) Operating 15° to 131°F
Temperature (Metric) Operating -10° to 55°C
Analog Outputs 6 analog outputs
Certifications/Compliance CSA, CE
Drift No Drift- zero adjustment before every reading
For Use With Industrial free and total chlorine and pH measurements
Includes Basic setup
Inlet/Outlet 1 inlet for water and 1 outlet for drainage
Inlet Pressure Up to 14.5 psi
Inputs Chlorine
Measurement Ranges 0-10PPM Chlorine, 0-14 PPM pH
Methods DPD
Pressure 14.1 psi
Range (mV) 4-20mv
Sample Flow Rate Up to 14.5 psi
Sample Inlet 1 inlet
Sample Pressure Up to 14.5 psi
Sample Streams 1 Stream
Dimensions (L x W x H) 26 x 5.5 x 13 in. (67 x 14 x 33cm)
Warranty 2 years

The Orion Chlorine XP Analyzer measures free, total, and combined chlorine as well as pH and temperature, providing accurate, objective, and instantaneous readings of chlorine in water. The colorimetric technology and auto calibration functionality minimizes the need for periodic calibrations and is compatible with all disinfectant systems. User-selectable reagent mixing allows users to increase usage per set, providing up to 60 days of unattended operation.

High Performance and Reliability

  • Proven accuracy and repeatability even in harsh sample conditions (sea water, colored water, oil water)
  • 0 to 10ppm measurement range – in most applications
  • Self zero calibration before each reading, enables “0” reading
  • Wet tested for 24 hours before shipping
  • 2-year warranty

Low Price and Cost of Ownership

  • Free and total chlorine, plus pH and temperature with optional ORP, conductivity, and turbidity functions in one analyzer – saves thousands of dollars over purchasing separate analyzers
  • Long reagent shelf life provides significant reagent savings compared to other manufacturers

Low-Maintenance Light Source Self-Calibration Adjustment

  • Hands-free self cleansing of the photocell
  • Automatic elimination of bubbling in the photocell
  • Maintenance reminders and alarms (once a year on average)
  • Auto buffer recognition at 4, 7, and 10

– See more at: http://www.thermoscientific.com/en/product/orion-chlorine-xp-water-quality-analyzer.html#sthash.gic1D7fc.dpuf