MultiTox DGI-TT7 Electrochemical Toxic Gas Detector


General Details


The MultiTox DGI -TT7-E intelligent gas detectors employs a wide choice of sensor types. The DGI -TT7-E is used for Toxic gases or Oxygen monitoring.The device has been designed for ease of operation and maintenance.

All DGI -TT7-E are constructed from a common housing and electronics with the detection properties being determined by the type of sensor (cartridge) used. A wide range of cells are available, including hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and carbon monoxide to name a few. The cells are intrisically safe protected, and may be replaced with the detector powered.

The intelligent, microprocessor driven unit is fully configurable using a wireless hand-held terminal (TLU) or by using the hard wired HART option giving true flexibility to the installer. Elements such as relay operation and alarm levels are all set via the TLU; a hazardous area approved hand-held unit.

The unit may be interfaced directly with a wide range of panels, controllers and PLC’s etc.
The device offers HART Protocol 7th edition output as an option.


  • Flexible configuration
  • IS Cartridges
  • Colour coded LED alphanumeric display
  • 4-20 mA and relays standard output
  • 4-20 mA Hart option

• Refineries
• Offshore driling and production platforms
• Processing and storage plants
• Chemical plants.