MDH™–Series Heated Gas Dryer

General Details

Perma Pure’s heated MDH-Series gas dryers were specifically created to dry gas samples with dew points higher than ambient temperature without requiring separate heating elements or insulation. Proprietary Nafion technology selectively removes only water from sample gases, leaving the rest of the gas sample unaffected. Unlike chillers and condensers, Perma Pure’s MDH dryers remove water directly from the vapor phase, preventing the loss of water-soluble gases through dissolution in condensate.

Designed to handle gas flows of up to 1.5 lpm, the heated MDH-Series gas dryers can dry gases with as much as 30% water by volume. The compact design can be incorporated easily into analyzer cabinets or used as a stand-alone device.


Model Number


Nafion Tube OD/ID



96 inches

Nafion Dryer Housing




Thermostat Set Point

80° C

Voltages Available

115 & 220 VAC; 12 VDC

Power Requirements

0.3 Amps, 30 Watts