LaserGasTM III Portable

General Details


The new portable analyser is compact, lightweight, and battery powered for on-site HF measurement. With an on-board pump and connections for Teflon tubing, the target gas is continuously transferred into the internal measurement cell. Due to the digital low power design, the analyser is operational for an entire shift with one battery charge.

The analyser provides reliable operation with instantaneous response and sufficient dynamic range to measure sub ppm and several hundred ppm HF concentrations. In contrast to many other measurement techniques, short-term HF peaks are uncovered with the LaserGasTMIII.

Datasheet on request!

  • Gen. 3 compact LaserGas electronics
  • Portable close to 2 kg weight
  • Low power < 10 Watt
  • Sub ppm HF detection in seconds
  • No interference from other gases
  • Stable calibration, no zero drift
  • Other gases on request