LaserGasTM II SP Compact

General Details


Derived from the standard Single Path instrument, SP Compact Monitors are optimized for short distance measurement in the range 10 to 100 centimeters.

The Monitors feature a focused laser beam, which enables the instrument to measure through very thin nozzles (< 10 mm diameter). For applications with continuous purge to prevent dust on the analyser lens, the SP Compact requires very small purge flow. With optional internal desiccants these monitors can also be optimized for in-situ measurement of trace levels of atmospheric gases (O2 and H2O).

The LaserGasTMII SP Compact Monitor consists of a transmitter / receiver unit (mounted diametrically opposite each other) to measure the average gas concentration along the optical line-of-sight.

Datasheet on request!

  • Real-time: Response time down to one second
  • No gas sampling: IN-SITU measurement
  • No cross interference from background gases
  • Stable calibration, no zero drift
  • ATEX and CSA certified
  • TÜV approved technology