LaserGasTM II MP Cabinet

General Details


The LaserGasTM II Multipass (MP) Monitor employs a multipass (Herriott) cell concept to combine long measurement path lengths with a compact analyser design. The long path will enhance the detection limit. Thus, the MP is the analyser of choice for measurement of trace levels of gases, offline in a controlled environment. It is also applicable for applications where too high process temperature and/or pressure make an in-situ measurement impossible.

The MP Cabinet monitor is a turn-key instrument. No other operations than connecting power and sample gas tubes are required during installation. To avoid fouling of optical parts in the Multipass cell the cleanliness of the sample gas must be ensured. Filtering the sample gas in an appropriate extractive system may be required for some applications.

Datasheet on request!

  • Short response time (2 – 10 sec.)
  • Very low detection limits (ppb for most gases)
  • No cross interference from background gases
  • Stable calibration, no zero drift
  • No moving parts, no consumables
  • ATEX and CSA certified