Hydrosteel 7000TL Transportable Corrosion Monitor

General Details

Hydrosteel 7000 Transportable Light (TL) is a newly developed lightweight corrosion monitor for the non-intrusive continuous measurement of hydrogen flux.

A complete stand-alone battery operated kit, Hydrosteel 7000TL weighs just 8 kg, 15 lb. The lightweight instrument has been designed for easy installation at the top of tall refinery towers and columns and enables monitoring for up to 9 months, depending on the user defined data sampling period.

A major benefit is its ability to monitor active corrosion and hydrogen risk damage, non-intrusively. This is particularly useful for sour, HF and high temperature corrosion events which occur over timescales of days, weeks and months.

Highly accurate, the Hydrosteel 7000 TL corrosion monitor provides the most sensitive, precise hydrogen flux measurements available. Hydrosteel 7000 TL operates without any human intervention, and responds to corrosion changes within minutes.

Developed for the continuous monitoring of hydrogen activity, Hydrosteel 7000 TL is used within critical refinery sites suffering from sour corrosion and risk of hydrogen damage. Target industries for Hydrosteel 7000 TL include refineries, gas plants, gas oil separation plants and chemical industries using petrochemicals containing sour gas, and ammonia production.

  • Continuous, non intrusive measurement of active corrosion and hydrogen risk damage
  • Responds to corrosion changes in minutes
  • Provides the most sensitive, precise hydrogen flux measurements available
  • No explosion proof box required or bespoke probe fittings required
  • Operates on one battery charge for up to 9 months without human intervention
  • Measurements stored internally
  • Data download to PC via RS-232
  • Low-maintenance, labour friendly
  • Light Weight (4kg) Battery
  • Designed for easy installation and relocation


Hydrosteel 7000 analyser: Includes all sensing, pneumatic, electrical and diagnostic circuits. Solids impact resistant GRP IP66 rated enclosure with support holes for racking, gland connectors for power input, thermocouple input, 2 x 4-20mA output. Flux and ambient gas and thermocouple inputs.
Non-intrusive probes: Hydrosteel AT-F for use on steel from -40°C to 500°C, includes magnetic and banding attachment means for attachment to steel >4” diameter.
Conduit: Incorporates ambient and flux sample and K-type thermocouple, up to 20 ft or 6 m.
Software: Enabling downloading of internally stored data via RS-232 in a safe area of with a permit in hazardous areas.

II 2G Ex ia IIC T4 Baseefa 04ATEX0205 -40°C < = T amb < = +60°C with US approval for NEC 505 Class 1, Gas Group B, T4 available on request

II 3G Ex nA IIC T4 IonScience09ATEX0002, -40°C < = T amb < = +60°C with US approval for NEC 5050 Class 1, Div 2, Gas Group B, T4 available on request. Ingress protection rating IP66

Logged and output data:
– 10% logged reading – resolution

< 3 minutes

1 pL/cm²/s (note 1 pL = 10·¹² Litres at s.t.p)

AT-F probe: 1 to 2000 pL/cm²/s

Via analog output or internally.
10 minute to 1 day data interval, user defined

At factory. Checked with Hydrosteel function test kit

Analyser: -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
Probe: steel surface up to 500°C

Analyser (excluding ports): 4” x 7” x 10”, or 10 x 16 x 26 cm
AT-F probe 6” or 15cm diameter

Analyser: less than 5.75 lb or 2.6 kg
Conduit and collector: less than 5.75 lb or 2.6 kg


Battery: 26V 6.5A lithium battery housed in solid lightweight GRP enclosure with Integral timer and override switch for data downloads. Single charge provides 11 days to 9 months continuous operation depending on used defined monitoring interval (10 minutes to 24 hr).
Impact Protection: Impact protection for Hydrosteel 7000 to maintain safety certification. Instrument mounts easily to back plate.
Charger: Safe area charging only.

I 3 G EEx nL IIC T4 IonScience09ATEX0001, -20°C < = T amb < = +60°C
North American approvals available on request: NEC 500 Class 1, Div 2, Gas Group B, T4, -20°C < = T amb < = +60°C

Battery enclosure: 4kg, 4d x 7w x 10h (in) or 100d x 160w x 260h (mm)

Continuous hydrogen collection and analysis