Housing for absorptionfilters

Bühler Technologies

General Details

Absorption filters can remove interfering components (like NH ) from the sample gas. In many cases, correct 3 analysis of the sample gas and proper sample gas conditioning is only possible after removing these interfering substances.

For different interfering substances appropriate absorption materials are available which eliminate the substance reliable and most selective from the sample gas. The ADF filter housings provide an optimized filter platform for these applications. They are designed to be filled with all common absorption materials.

The ADF filter housings are available in two sizes and two materials (PVDF and Teflon). This guarantees durability and maximum flexibility for the filter. We will be pleased to assist you with the selection of the suitable absorption material and filter size for your application.

Product features
  • different sizes for universal applications
  • highly effective NH3 – absorption material available
  • up to 38.000 hours lifetime for NH3 absorber
  • quick and easy maintenance (no tools required)
  • chemical and temperature resistant materials
  • condensate outlet available (optional)