High-pressure shut-off valve VD 65

General Details

The shut-off valve VD65 is produced as a shut-off valve for the highest operational conditions in sampling equipment.

It is usable for superheated steam up to 630°C at pressures of up to 260 bar.

The cooling fin attachment causes a cooling of the valve unit. Thus, the temperature of the gland packing is reduced by approximately 200 K below that of the valve body.

The gland packing is made of multiple layers of graphite and is free of asbestos. It is constructed in such a way that the so-called gland-nut can be tightened during operation.

The spindle thread is located on top of the gland nut and never comes in contact with the medium in case of leakage.


  • Connections R1/2″ or SZ10
  • kv-value = 0,50 m3/h (m3/h at Δp = 1 bar)


  • Forged body made of high-temperature proof steel W.No. 1.4988
  • Cooling fin attachment
  • Also deliverable in non-ferrous metal design
  • Non-rotating valve spindle (differential threading)
  • Gland nut