Genie 757 Spot Sampling Assembly

General Details

The Model 757 Spot Sample Assembly is the first product specifically designed to solve the problems encountered when spot sampling rich (high hydrocarbon dew point), wet (H2O saturated) natural gas that is near its dew point. It consists of the following components: a Direct Drive™ Variable Length Insertion Probe™ (VLIP™), a unique spot sample manifold, and a KOZY™ insulating jacket with an optional integrated 12VDC heating system.

The probe contains a manually operated pressure reducing valve located immediately after the Genie® membrane so that pressure reduction takes place in the flowing gas stream to offset JT cooling and after liquid has been rejected at line pressure and temperature. The pressure reduction downstream of the membrane and inside the pipeline provides the most practical means of conforming to API 14.1, GPA 2166, and ISO 10715 standards.

The manifold comes pre-assembled from the factory with a pressure gauge, purge valve, and 3-way valve; reducing ancillary hardware purchase and set up time. Its uniquely engineered passageway reduces dead volume and allows for quick purging without liquid accumulation in the sample flow path, helping to maintain sample integrity. The KOZY™ insulating jacket helps to maintain the sampling components at pipeline temperature and is available with an integrated 12VDC heating system for those challenging applications that require additional heat to prevent condensation during the sampling process.

  • Accurate assessment of BTU value
  • Reject liquids at line pressure and temperature, in compliance with current industry standards
  • Prevent condensation while sampling
  • Easy sampling procedure providing consistent, repeatable results
  • Portable or permanent options
  • Reduced purchasing cost and set up time for ancillary hardware
  • Direct Drive Variable Length Insertion Probe with manually operated valve and Genie® Membrane Technology™
  • Pre-assembled manifold with pressure gauge, purge valve, and 3-way valve
  • Kozy™ insulating jacket with optional integrated 12VDC heating system