Gas Analysis

Gas Analysis refers to a variety of instruments and techniques that provide essential data to many processing, manufacturing and materials research industries. Whether you are looking for detection limits at the part per million (ppm), part per billion (ppb) or part per trillion (ppt) levels, Extrel manufactures the type of Gas Analysis System you need.

Gas Analysis Applications

Gas Puritygas-purity

Semiconductor, Gas suppliers and Optical Component processing requires gas analysis to detect impurities in gases used for the production process. Other industries, such as steel and pharmaceutical manufacturing, require confirmation of correct gas mixtures for various processes. Extrel’s Gas Analysis Systems offer instruments with dynamic range and low parts per billion (ppb) and parts per trillion (ppt) detection limits to meet Gas Purity and continuous atmosphere analysis needs.





Helium / Deuterium Analysishelium

Designed specifically for Low Mass Gas Analysis applications, Extrel’s MAX50™ and MAX120™ Flange Mounted Mass Spectrometers have been providing unmatched performance for Nuclear, Gas Production and Fuel Cell industries for decades.

The MAX50 and MAX120 Series offer the high resolution, sensitivity and abundance sensitivity needed for Hydrogen and Helium/Deuterium Analysis. They are capable of easily separating atomic Hydrogen from the On-Blast, as well as separating of Helium and Deuterium (which are separated by only 0.0028 amu).


Residual Gas Analysisresidual-gas-analysis

Residual Gas Analyzers (RGA), are used to identify gases that are present in vacuum environments and operate in research laboratories and industrial processing facilities worldwide.



Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA)evolved-gas-analysis

Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) is the analysis of the effluent of analytical equipment and chemical processes.  Understanding the dynamic composition of the gases released by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) or continuous flow systems can provide insight into the mechanisms at work within the experiment. The MAX300-EGA has the speed and sensitivity to detect even small changes in the off-gas as they occur.