General Details

The EX-100P is an in-line probe type analyzer using the fluorescence measurement technique. The EX-1000P has the additional benefit of spectral analysis.

Since the introduction of Advanced Sensors revolutionary oil in water analyzers in 2005 with the EX-100, Advanced Sensors have continually introduced ground breaking products . The EX-100P followed the EX-100 and EX-1000 to provide in-line probe solutions to customers. The first, on-going maintenance free in-line probe analyzer to provide continuous uninterrupted accurate measurements of oil concentrations.

For the first time, reliable real time data enabled operators to take accurate discharge measurements and thus take the next step to improve efficiency of separation processes and saving money.

  • Zero on-going maintenance using patented ultrasonic cleaning mechanisms and software
  • Laser Induced UV Fluorescence
  • Unparalleled high concentration measurement capabilities allowing user configurable ranges from 0-10 PPB, to 0-20,000 PPM
  • 1% accuracy and 99% measurement repeatability
  • Complete remote capabilities
  • No flow conditioning or flow control
  • Multiple communications configurations – 4-20mA, HART, Modbus, Ethernet, ADSL, etc..
  • Optional second probe for simultaneous dual measurement
  • Optional Integrated Spectrometer, turns the Ex-100P into EX-1000P – see Spectrometer in Technology Section
  • With no consumables and no regular operator intervention, the Advanced Sensors analyzer offers very low Cost Of Ownership (COO)
  • By using laser induced fluorescence (LIF), the analyzer avoids standard lamp fluorescent issues, namely, warm up requirements and deterioration of lamps over time resulting in accuracy issues
  • Advanced software capabilities allow complete remote control and monitoring. Ideal for un-manned and remote locations
  • Using a single analyzer with dual probes reduces OpEx for two point simultaneous measurements