Continuous Portable Ground Gas Monitor

General Details

Continuous Ground Gas Monitor

Monitor CH4, O2, O2, CO2, CO, H2S and VOCs continuously, for up to 3 months!

Ground Gas Monitoris the first to give continuous, unmanned data collection. Ideal for landfill gas monitoring applications, the Ground Gas Monitor logs long-term, real trend information. A revolution in gas management and risk prediction, informed decisions can now be made on accurate, reliable data.

The ground gas monitor measures methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen concentrations as well as atmospheric pressure and temperature. Optional CO, H2S and VOC, plus water depth are available along with a telemetry module for remote, real time data communication.

The ground gas monitor’s sampling frequency can be set and is variable from two minutes, to once daily. Data is downloaded to a PC or viewed remotely using the optional GPRS telemetry system.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the Ground Gas Monitoris Intrinsically Safe, environmentally sealed and ingress protection rated IP-68. Battery operated; Ground Gas Monitor can be powered for up to 1 month based on hourly sampling.


Continuous Gas Monitor Features:

  • Three months continuous data collection
  • Secure unmanned operation
  • Methane (CH4), Oxygen (O2), and Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Temperature, Borehole and Atmospheric Pressure
  • Optional CO, H2S or VOC plus water depth
  • Telemetry module for remote real time data communication
  • ATEX (IECEX) approved
  • Battery operated
  • Ingress protection rated IP68
  • RS 232 communication
  • Intrinsically safe


  • Reduction of unnecessary site visits
  • Complete data for a full site assessment
  • Demonstrates full due diligence
  • Meets all legislative needs
  • Data including barometric pressure logged simultaneously
  • Data can be downloaded on site for quick analysis
  • Events captured with a time and date stamp
  • Removal of any uncertainty in gas monitoring regime
  • Assists with design of gas protection measures
  • Validates operation for Biogas production
  • Also can monitor greenhouse – gas emissions
  • A post site development monitor for extra safety
  • Optional Carbon Monoxide (CO) or volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor for specific applications
  • Optional water depth sensor where ground water influences results
  • Control vent boreholes to measure concentration build up times
  • Optional telemetry system for real-time monitoring on critical sites

Technical Specification

  • Memory – 65000 time/date stamped readings
  • Power – Internal x 2 Alkaline D-cells
  • Battery Life – Approximately 1 month (hourly sampling with rechargeable battery)
  • Case – High Quality Stainless steel
  • Weight – 6 kg or 13.2lb
  • Dimensions – Overall Length 85cm or 33½ inches
    Borehole Tube Length 78cm or 30¾ inches
    Head Diameter 10.9cm or 4¼ inches
    Borehole Tube Diameter 4.3cm or 1¾ inches
  • Protection – IP-68 (continuous submersion)
  • Operation temperature -5 0C to + 50 0C or 23 0F to 122 0F
  • Approvals – CE , EMC, ATEX 0105 X, Ex II 2G, Ex d ib [ib] IIB T4
  • Approvals pending – IECEX UL and CSA
  • World-Wide Patent Pending
Gases Method/Type Range Resolution Accuracy Linearity
CH4** Infra-red 0-100%
or 0-5%
1% of FSD above 50%,
0.5% below 50%
+/- 2% FSD +/- 2% FSD or 10% reading
CO2** Infra-red 0-100%
or 0-5%
1% of FSD above 50%,
0.5% below 50%
+/- 2% FSD +/- 2% FSD or 10% reading
Oxygen Electrochemical 0-25% vol 0.1% vol +/- 5% of reading +/- 1 digit >1% O2 deviations@10% O2
CO* Electrochemical 0-5000 ppm 1 ppm +/- 3 ppm at 0,
+/- 5% at 250 ppm
Linear at 0 and 400 ppm,
error at full scale
H2S* Electrochemical 0-100 ppm 1 ppm +/- 1 ppm at 0,
+/- 2.5% at 50 ppm
Linear at 0 and 20 ppm,
error at full scale 0 to +/-4 ppm
VOC* PID 0-4000 ppm 1 ppm +/- 5% of reading +/- 1 digit +/- 5% to 100 ppm
Environment Method/Type Range Resolution
Temperature Internal Chip – 5°C to + 50°C or 41°F to 122°F 1°C or 1°F
Barometric Piezoelectric 800 to 1200mb 1mb
Borehole Piezoelectric 800 to 1200mb 1mb
Water Depth* Piezoelectric 0 to 25m 0.01m

* Optional
** Choice of any 2 IR sensors, specify on order

Specifications obtained under laboratory conditions of gas flow, temperature and humidity. Field performance is dependant on the correct installation procedures being followed, environmental conditions, frequent sensor cleaning and regular calibration. CH4 sensor is calibrated for CH4 but detects a range of hydrocarbons. Details are subject to change without notice.


Key applications for the ground gas monitor include:

  • Hydro-fracking
  • Vapour Intrusion
  • Landfill gas monitoring for long term profiling
  • Brownfield for development issues
  • Below ground carbon capture
  • CO2 sequestration
  • Monitoring for coal mine fires
  • Leakage in crude/petroleum
  • Solvent storage and filling stations
  • Refineries for local compliance
  • Storage monitoring regimes

On Landfill Sites

  • Perimeter monitoring using existing boreholes
  • Accurate real-time measurement of Green House gases.
  • Discharge of licence when used as a post-closure monitor
  • Spontaneous combustion detection
  • Long term monitoring

On Brownfield sites and Disused Coal Mines

  • Site investigation
  • Validation of any remediation untaken or needed
  • After site development validation and monitoring
  • General due diligence

Below Ground Carbon Capture and Storage:

  • Validation of storage sites: peat bogs, etc
  • Long term site surveys for suitability
  • Validation of compliance

For Petroleum/ Solvent Storage and Filling Stations:

  • Leak site investigation
  • Perimeter monitoring
  • Early validation of effective bunding or need to repair
  • Long term spillage monitoring
  • Compliance to the Regulations

On Refineries:

  • An integral part of long term monitoring procedures
  • An independent check on other monitoring techniques
  • Incident use after spillage
  • Demonstration of due diligence
  • C02 sequestration monitoring