Cation exchanger PE 14 / CatControl 6

Dr. Thiedig

General Details

The cation exchanger PE 14/Cat Control is designed for the measurement of conductivity before and after the cation filter and, thus, enables the determination of the pH-value according to the VGB guideline.

A safety valve (3 bar opening pressure) protects the cation exchanger against overpressure. All parts coming in contact with acid are made of plastic/plexiglass. An additional valve prohibits the draining of the filter when exchanging the filter cartridges.

  • Integrated sensors for measuring conductivity before and after the cation filter (specific and cation conductivity measurement)
  • 3 measurements in one sample stream
  • Largely maintenance-free
  • Simple and safe handling due to quick connection couplings at the inlet and outlet
  • Automatic calculation of the state of exhaustion of the filter through integrated flow measurement
  • Bubble-free sample flow in the start-up phase through automatic ventilation