ALTEF – Gas Sampling Bags

General Details

Gas Sampling Bags are used to collect samples for analysis in a laboratory. The ALTEF film replaces the soon-unavailable Tedlar for VOC collection, and Multi Layer Foil Barrier bags are optimal for samples that require very low permeation such as H2S. A variety of fittings and bag sizes are available to suit each application.

Ion Science also offers custom gas sampling bags made to your exact specifications in size, valve type and sampling bag material. Please contact Ion Science for more information and pricing on Gas Sampling Bags.

ALTEF® Gas Sampling Bags

01 ALTEF gas sampling bags



ALTEF is a specially formulated film based on poly (vinylidene fluoride), or PVDF.

ALTEF Film Properties

  • Thickness: 0.003″
  • Specific Gravity: 1.78
  • Tensile Strength: 6100 psi
  • Max. Operating Temp.: 300° F
  • H2O Vapor Permeability: 12-15 cc/cm 3.d
  • CO2 Permeability: 172 cc/cm 3.d
  • O2 Permeability: 58 cc/cm 3.d

Advantages of ALTEF Gas Bags

  • Inert to most compounds including acids, alcohols, chlorinated solvents and aromatics
  • Very stable for sampled compounds including CO, CO2, methane, and most VOCs
  • Longer storage times for most VOCs than Tedlar
  • Inherently pure material with no additives, fillers, or pigments
  • Does not release DMAC or phenols into the gas sample, as Tedlar does and has lower VOC and sulfur compound background than Tedlar
  • Abrasion resistant


Multi-Layer Foil Barrier Gas Sampling Bags

02 Multi-layer foil barrier gas sampling bag





Multi-Layer Foil Barrier gas sampling bags exhibit extremely low permeability and are ideal for low molecular weight gases including H2, CO, and CO2. This film is the only type that holds H2S for >5 days, unlike Tedlar or other bags. These bags also provide a strong moisture barrier and protect photo-sensitive compounds from light. Table 2 lists the five layers that give the low permeability and high inertness. Multi-Layer Foil Bags have strong, even seals, making them ideal for mailing or shipping to a laboratory for analysis. The multi-layer material is tough, yet flexible. Multi-Layer Foil Bags are not suitable for collecting low ppm and ppb level VOCs due to background from the bag materials.

Multi-Layer Foil Film Layer Material

  • 60 gauge Nylon
  • Aluminum (Metallized)
  • Polyethylene
  • 0.0003″ Aluminum Foil
  • 0.002″ Polyethylene

Multi-Layer Foil Bag Applications

  • Biogas and landfill gas sampling
  • Sewage treatment plants and landfills
  • Emission control
  • Fruit warehouses
  • Fermentation cellars
  • Site sampling
  • Mobile surveys
  • Transfer of calibration gases to instrument from lab
  • Assessing exposure from leaks and spills
  • Indoor air studies
  • Testing of workplace air quality
  • OSHA ID-172 (Carbon Dioxide)
  • OSHA ID-210 (Carbon Monoxide)


Tedlar® Gas Sampling Bags

03 Tedlar gas sampling bags





TEDLAR is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

Tedlar Film Properties

  • Low gas permeation levels
  • High tensile strength
  • Continuous temperature range from –98°F to 225°F
  • Unaffected by the chemical components of gases commonly sampled, like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, radon and mercaptons

Advantages of Tedlar Gas Bags

  • Less permeable than FEP, PFA and TFM
  • Bags resist puncture in the field
  • Less expensive than FEP and PFA film
  • Recommended in many EPA testing methods