4040 – Methane / Nonmethane Analyzer

General Details

Teledyne’s Model 4040 is a microprocessor-based, oven heated methane / nonmethane gas analyzer designed for high accuracy, sensitivity and stability. 

The 4040 is designed to continuously measure a variety of hydrocarbon concentrations from one sampling point.


Product features:
  • Easy to use software
  • Methane and Nonmethane
  • Total Hydrocarbons


  • GC Technology used for complete separation of methane from C2 and higher components
  • Automatic fuel shut off system
  • Electronic flame-out guard circuit
  • Adjustable alarm and oven settings
  • Precision 1% of full scale
  • Fast response:
  • Sample filter with exchangeable stainless steel element
  • 19″ rack mount
  • Built-in sample pump
  • Automatic ignition
  • Stainless steel / Teflon sample system with flexible design to handle either a 100% H2, H2 / N2, or H2 / He support gas fuel mixture
  • X-purged configuration for hazardous area installations available


Specification 4060/FID | 4060/TC