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About this Brand

ClampOn – the leading supplier of topside and subsea Ultrasonic Intelligent Sensors

ClampOn has since the beginning in 1994 grown to be the largest supplier of passive ultrasonic systems for sand/particle detection to the international oil and gas sector.

All products supplied by ClampOn, sand detector, PIG detector, corrosion-erosion monitor, vibration monitor and leak monitor are based on the same, well proven technology platform. Both the topside and the subsea instruments incorporate Digital Signal Processing (DSP), complete digitalization eliminating analogue filters, circuits and amplifiers.
The ClampOn Ultrasonic Intelligent Sensor processes all data in the sensor itself (patented principle), thus enabling the instrument to discriminate between sand-generated and flow-generated noise. This is of importance to the user since changes in flow rates and the gas/oil ratio will not affect the performance of the system.