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About this Brand

Boreal was formed in April 1990 and has been developing and manufacturing laser based gas detection solutions since 1993. Boreal Laser now has installations in over 45 different countries.

In an instrumentation industry dominated by juggernauts, Boreal does not only compete but thrives. Boreal operates on three simple principles: the first is to have partners not customers; the second is to provide superior gas monitoring solutions; the third is to provide industry leading technical support.

Boreal products are used for the protection of life and the preservation of the environment so quality and reliability are never sacrificed in favour of lower cost. We source materials and components from high quality, reputable suppliers. We have adopted lean manufacturing principles to deliver high quality products as efficiently as possible. As a result, most of the instruments Boreal delivered in its early years are still in operation almost two decades later. Endorsements, referrals and repeat business from existing, highly satisfied partners remain Boreal’s most effective marketing tool.

Boreal has developed an extensive and effective distribution network to serve the world’s needs for laser-based gas detection. Whether you need gas detection for safety, environmental, or process monitoring Boreal Laser has you covered. No matter the industry, the application, or location Boreal Laser’s team of professionals will work with you to deliver and support your optimal gas detection solution.

Our story has been developing for two decades and the question is, will you be a part of its future? We look forward to making history together!