Network Array with Base Station

General Details

The GSM/GPRS wireless Slick Sleuth option facilitates simple, reliable, real-time data & alarm communication for any model Slick Sleuth oil spill monitor, and provides real-time oil spill alerts via Slick Sleuth base station PC as well as SMS detection alerts sent directly to (up to) five mobile phone numbers. The GSM/GPRS modem comes pre-programmed for use with Slick Sleuth anywhere in the world that cellular service is available. The end-user need only source SIM card and cellular data package from local provider. Typical daily data rate is 100kb per remote station.



● Real-Time Oil Spill Alert via SMS Text Messaging

● Real-Time Oil Spill Alert via Base Station

● 2-Way Communication:

Change Remote Sampling Parameters Using Mobile Phone or Base Station PC

● Access Data & Alarm History via Base Station PC & FTP File Transfer Protocol