Individual installation scenarios demand tailor-made sensors. VA-300 series ViscoScope sensors can be used to realise any technically feasible design.

Not every reactor has a block flange free for mounting a sensor. In many cases, only a nozzle may be available. The result is a dead volume that can be bridged using a non-active extension (NAE). The diameter and length of the NAE are matched to the dimensions of the nozzle and therefore prevent the medium collecting in the dead volume and immerse the probe deep into the liquid being measured. If installed in a pipe bend, the NAE can be adapted to the radius of the pipe so that the flow is not obstructed.























Subject to change without notice.

Sometimes process technology, applications or local conditions demand the design of the special instrument.
The VA-300S (special) sensor is intended for precisely these applications. If it is technically possible, it can be accomplished with this instrument.