TS 94.5 / Silver Bottle

Validation of the CO2-Testers

General Details

The Check Bottle TS 94.5 is used for monitoring the accuracy of the measuring heads of the CO2 tester TS 91.7. It consists chiefly of a polycarbonate container and an integrated digital precision instrument, combining manometer and thermometer.


– The polycarbonate container is filled up to the mark with carbonated beverage.
– Then placed like any beverage bottle in the container of the CO2 tester TS 91.7 (or any other manometric tester), and shaken as during the standard measuring procedure for beverages.

– When the measuring is finished, the pressure and temperature readings of the check bottle and the measuring CO2 head can be compared.

Product Details
  • Direct comparative measuring of pressure and temperature
  • High precision
  • Easy operation, like with a real bottle
  • Measuring with carbonated beverage
  • Durable and transparent container
  • Instrument with quick-release coupling
  • Approved testing apparatus for manometric CO2 measuring devices
Technical Data
  • Pressure range:  0..4 bar (0.58 psi)
  • Pressure accuracy:  better then 20 mbar ( 0.29 psi)
  • Temperature range:  0.25°C (0.77°F)
  • Temperature accuracy:  better then 0.3°C (0.54°F)
  • Filling volume:  330 ml (11 fl. oz)
  • Media:  carbonated beverages