Steinfurth Temperature Logger (Telid 3T)

Monitoring of temperatures transport

General Details

Many applications in the modern beverage industry requires monitoring of temperature.
The Steinfurth Temperature Logger Telid 3T is developed as a specialized system for simple monitoring of temperature during storage or transport of beverages.

The complete evaluation of the measured data is done at the PC.
Clearly structured software offers graphical display as well as clearly arranged data storage.
All measuring data files include a time stamp.
An unlimited number of loggers can be used.
Calculation & evaluation of TDUs is part of the system software.

Product Details
Product Details Specification
Industry Beverages, Food Industry, Pharmacy, Packaging Industry
Employment Measuring & Recording
Measurement Categories Temperature
Objects Beverages & Food
Specifics Measuring & recording during transport & storage
System Yes
Automation Level Fully Automatic Machine
  • Compact, robust build
  • Simple graphic evaluation
  • Documentation of temperature
  • Self-sufficient functioning
  • Food grade materials
  • Data export to MS Office™
  • Data transfer: via radio waves
Technical Data


  • Geometry: cylindric
  • Diameter:  30mm
  • Height:      12mm
  • Weight: 24g
  • Housing: stainless steel/epoxyd
  • Data memory: ca.1800 measuring values
  • User-Memory: min. 64 characters
  • Battery life: typical 4 years
    depending on measuring rate, mode and temperature
  • Temperature range: -30…+85°C
  • Storage: at –25…+25°C (to safe the battery life time)
  • Temperature resolution: 0.5K
  • Temperature accuracy (without calibration): 1K (0…+70°C)
    2K (-10…+85°C)
    4K (-30…+85°C)
  • Thermal time coefficient: ca. 9min (in air)
    ca. 2min (in water)
  • Data storage: start date & time programmable
  • Measuring interval: 1…255min (programmable)