General Details

The Smartsafe ORB (oil record book) Bilge overboard Security System was developed in response to our customers’ worldwide requests and requirements.  This system records the oily water discharge process of any Oil Water Seperator (IMO – MEPC 60.33 or 107.49) thus avoiding the common mistakes of manual entries and log variations in the oil record book.  This is often seen as an easy target for Port State Control and other Marine Enforcing Agencies.

In its simplest form the Smartsafe ORB will utilise the ships GPS and records the process of the bilge water discharge.  The base unit documents the vessel’s time/date/latitude and longitude of the start and stop of the discharge process.  The event summary os displayed on the control screen for easy viewing and is used to annotate the oil record book.

The Smartsafe ORB has sifficient memory to store three years of typical discharge records.  This unit is also equipped with additional outputs for field instruments (Optional Components) for increased process information and security.

Optional Components
  • GPS + Interface Unit
  • Flow Meter
  • Seperator Interface Unit
  • Printer
  • Secondary Diverter Valve