OCD 50M Boiler Condensate / Cooling Water Monitor

General Details

A monitor designed to cater for the special conditions associated with high sample temperatures. This unit will detect oil in much smaller quantities great reliability and repeatability. Increased boiler protection from oil contamination. Applications Engine Cooling water. Boiler feed water Boiler condensate Fresh water monitoring Safe and hazardous area installations Features 2 versions A 0-10ppm B 0-200ppm External sample cell to keep high temperatures away from the electronic compartment. Sensitivity to provide a normal measurement range of 0-10 ppm. Display resolution of 0.1 ppm. High temperature optic cell glass and cell seals. Option of stainless steel wetted parts. Option of stainless steel housing. Autoclean. Germanischer Lloyd approved.

Range : (A) 0-10ppm Condensate
(B) 0-200ppm Cooling Water –
Accuracy : (A) +/-1ppm
(B) Better than +/-20% to 100ppm
thereafter +/- 30%
Concentration Indication : 7 segment LED
Alarm Operating Points : Adjustable
Alarm 1 Operating Delay : sec (adjustable)
Alarm 2 Operating Delay : 0-60 sec (adjustable)
Alarm Contact Rating : 5A/250vac
Alarm Relay Mode : De-energised in Alarm State
Fault Relay : 5A/250vac
Zero/Oil/Fault Indication : Tri-Colour LED
Output Signal : 0-5v DC (1k ohm min.)
RS232 For Printer/Recorder (optional)
4-20mA loop output
Projected Life (Electronics) : > 50,000 Hours
Ambient Temperature : -20deg C to +55 deg C
Humidity (max relative) : 80% for temperatures up to 31deg C
Sample Temperature : + 1°C to + 90°C
Sample Flow : 1 to 3 Litre/Minute
Sample Pressure : 0.1 to 10 Bar
Weight : 17kgs
Size : 484H x 420W x 156D (mm)
Supply Voltage : 110/220 Vac
24Vac (optional)
Supply Variation : ± 10% of Nom. Voltage
Supply Frequency : 50/60 HZ
Power Consumption : 25VA Monitor Only
110Vac outlet supply : 220 VA
220Vac outlet supply : 440 VA
24Vac-outlet supply : 48Va
Safety Protection : IP55
Autoclean Unit: –
Dry Compressed Air :
4 – 6 Bar G
Pipe Fittings: –
Pipe Fittings Connections :
1/4” BSPT internal thread