MultiCal 2500 Multifunction Calibrator

General Details
  • Superior Accuracy
    up to ±0.0025% of reading
  • Measure & Simulate:
    DC Voltage, DC Current, 13 types of Thermocouples, 9 types of RTDs, Resistance, and Loop Supply
  • Measurement & Simulation:
    13 Types of T/C:
    R, S, B, E, K, J, T, N, L, U,XK, BP, & C
    9 Types of RTDs:
    Ni120, Pt100, Pt200, Pt500,PT1000, Cu10, YSI400, Pt392, & Pt3916
  • Measure & Simulate DC Voltage:
    10V & 100V
  • Measure Resistance:
    0Ω to 4KΩ
  • Simulate Resistance:
    5Ω to 4KΩ
  • Measurement Pressure (Read only)
    Requires Pressure Module Adapter – and Pressure module (29 pressure modules to select from) Nine (9) Setpoints for each output Range and Type
  • Beryllium–Copper binding posts reduces thermal EMFs RS232, USB, & IEEE–488 remote control Isolated Measurement channel