Applied Instrument Technologies

Diamond 20™

FTIR/NIR system designed for operation in rugged at-line environments as well as the laboratory bench.

SpectraQ Software

Software for spectral collection and validation with ANALECT and RPM product lines


Automated sampling accessory designed to be paired with the Diamond 20 lab analyzer.

PIONIR® MVP+ Rackmount

The PIONIR MVP+ Rackmount is an on-line analyzer designed for the control room.

SpectraSuite Software

Process analytical and process development software for spectroscopy


Multi-channel on-line dispersive NIR analyzer designed for operation in hazardous areas

RPM™ View

Process Raman filter photometer for analyzing liquids and gases


Provides multi-point continuous air monitoring for toxics and pollutants in hazardous areas.


Lab or Rackmount Multi-channel benchtop analyzer for the lab.